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Christian Dietitian in Austin, TX

My faith is very important to me, and I've seen it play a part in my own journey so I want to provide Christian centered dietitian care to anyone who'd like to incorporate their faith in their health journey too. While I offer dietitian care to people with various religious backgrounds, I want have the space for Christian clients who would like that type of care to be matched with a Christian dietitian.

If you are interested in incorporating the Christian faith in your dietetic care, please contact me to setup an appointment or discuss further.

Christian Registered dietitian jobs Austin Texas

Christian dietitian jobs

Join my dietitian team!

As a Christian myself, I know how helpful it is to look at nutrition through a Biblical lens. I am very passionate about this topic and I am currently writing a book on eating disorders and body image from a Christian perspective.

Opening this Christian dietitian role will allow me to transfer some of my current clients with this preference to you.

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