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Caregiver Coaching

with Anna Marie Long, MS, RD, LD, CEDS-C

Coaching for parents, spouses, family members, or friends of a loved one in recovery from an eating disorder.

Throughout Anna Marie's professional experience working with individuals in recovery, she has seen how crucial it is for loved ones to be a part of the treatment team and be on the same page as the professionals on the team. She has experience in leading groups specifically for moms, as well as friends and families of individuals in recovery. This service is specifically for caregivers and supporters of people in recovery, so this is not medical nutrition therapy or family therapy. Whether it is navigating meals together, deciding which level of care is appropriate, setting boundaries, or learning how to talk about food and bodies in a way that supports recovery, coaching can help you help your loved one to the best of your abilities. Please use the contact form if you have questions or would like to schedule a coaching appointment.

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